Kunye Rescue and Training Centre

We Believe In Education And Empowerment Within A Safe Sustainable Environment!

Kunye Rescue and Training Centre is a multi faceted centre offering a Three Phase Program:

  1. Immediate Rescue

A three week stay in our immediate rescue area, offering shelter, medical and emotional support

  1. Integration and Skills Training

A nine month commitment in a communal living area. Residents will be responsible for the maintenance of their own living areas, partake in therapy and counseling sessions and complete their skills training and life skills program.

  1. Reintegration

We will collaborate with businesses for internships. We will also collaborate with recruiters for employment placements. We will offer mentorships for start up businesses and help find accommodation outside of the centre.

Our mission:

  • To offer a safe environment for victims of homophobia and gender based violence.
  • To cultivate emotional wellness and to empower with skills training and to uplift victims with dignity.
  • The accommodation and upliftment of GBV and homophobia victims in a commercially viable, self sustainable facility within a rural environment.

We will change lives, by teaching skills and empowering survivors to become contributing members of society and who can also become role models for others and for generations to come.

Reg No.: 2020/575246/08

Structure of Our Rescue Centre

Red Zone

Yellow Zone

When a victim is initially rescued from a violent situation, they will be moved to the “Red Zone”. They will stay there for a maximum of 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, they will be offered medical treatment, counselling and spiritual guidance. They will not be forced to socialise and will be allowed the freedom to heal in their private spaces. A councillor will monitor them twice a day to ensure their safety.

They are welcome to visit the training and retail areas.

If they have children, the children will be taken care of in a crèche environment for the most of the day, and will also have trauma counselling.

After 3 weeks, they will be able to choose if they would want to continue their stay, which would mean a commitment to training, as well as following the rules of respecting each other and to be drug and alcohol free.

Once our residents have completed their initial stay in the “Red Zone” area of the farm, they can decide if they want to continue with our program. They will move to the “Yellow Zone”, where they will begin their 9 month stay and start exploring which area they would like to train in. They will also become part of the running of the centre, by having weekly meetings to decide on “jobs” to keep the centre running smoothly.

While in this zone, their legal issues will be dealt with by our legal team. Maintenance, restraining orders, divorces, etc will be handled for them.

Private Farm

Training Centre

Our farm will have a fruit and vegetable garden, as well as a chicken run in order to become self sufficient.
We will also have farming behind the residential area, with cattle and sheep for our own use, as well as to sell.

Our residents will all have the opportunity to work in the fields, as well as to gather eggs and maintain our gardens. We will also have a substantial herb garden to sell potted herbs in the retail/business area.

Our training centre will have numerous modernised barns where we will have various training facilities, like an arts and crafts barn, a computer centre incorporating online courses, a hair and nails beauty training area, a woodshop, a cooking/catering training centre, a security training centre, English language, and various other training centres (there will be ample space for expansion.)

The training centre will also incorporate retail shops, where our residents will learn all aspects of retail business, as well as food trucks.

Retail Hub

Volunteer Village

The Business area will have retail shops that will be open 7 days a week. Residents will be involved in making items to be sold there and others who are less creative, but more sales driven, will work in these shops. There will also be managers, stock taking, etc, to give the residents experience in retail for when they are ready to leave. They will all share in the profits so that they have a positive feeling of independence and fulfillment.
There will also be a weekend market available for “outside members of the public” to rent space.

Here, they will also get work experience for applying for jobs once their training period is over.

We will have a separate Volunteer Village on the farm, where volunteers and visitors can stay. They will enjoy the farm life, living off the fresh farm produce and will interact with our residents.

Our farm vehicles will collect them from the airport, on arrival and they will settle into little wooden cabins. The farm vehicles will also be available to take them for day visits to nearby tourist destinations as required.


Our farm will have a place of worship and a meditation garden, depending on our resident’s spiritual and religious requirements.
Our aim is to expand to a wedding venue, run and catered by residents of our centre.

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