Kunye Rescue and Training Centre

What is Kunye?

Imagine a facility that can rescue, train and place people to ensure they never have to return to their abusive environment

Gender based violence is a growing epidemic in South Africa, affecting our women,  children and LGBTQ communities. It knows no race, religion or age.
We believe in education and empowerment within a safe sustainable environment!
On a tranquil farm in South Africa, we will build private cottages for victims (and their children), a communal living/dining area, a crèche, a clinic, a house of worship, as well as a meditation garden in a village setting.
Our rescue and training center will not only offer a place of safety, with medical, psychological and legal help, we will also empower our residents to become skilled in one of various fields on offer at our training center.
Our training center will offer many skills including art and crafts, woodwork, business, computer, cooking, sewing, retail, marketing, call center and farming, amongst others.
They will have the opportunity to practice all they learn in a retail section on the farm and we will hold a weekend market to bring in extra funds.
We will also build a Volunteer Village for visiting volunteers who wish to offer training, especially our international sponsors and volunteers.
But, that’s not all… Once our residents have completed their training, we will endeavor to settle them into a new life outside of the center. 
Reg No.: 2020/575246/08

Would you like to learn more?

Listen to our latest interview with Louisa Duarttee From Momtrepreneurs ~South Africa

Our Directors

Ingrid Wallach

Ingrid has extensive experience in art and crafts and is an internationally recognized artist. She is currently running a company Gecko Art and offers a full range of art and craft products. She also has extensive experience as a sole proprietor in Hestia Procurement, which was active in the building Industry. She also had an art shop and has been the co owner of a Restaurant. Ingrid is very passionate about Gender Based Violence as she was in an abusive relationship in her past, but decided long ago that she will not be defined by her own history but instead, it has inspired her to help women in similar situations in a way that she would have wanted.

Michelle Scholtz

Michelle hails from a legal background and has experience in dealing with the legal side of abusive relationships, having worked in Family Law for many years. She has participated in mentorships for aspirant lawyers providing insight into the legal environment in South Africa and highlighting other means to resolve disputes outside of litigation. She is also a seasoned corporate lawyer and has been a senior manager in the law department of an insurance company.

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